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I have a Dell Precision 380 with updated A09 BIOS.
Attempted to add a 2nd SATA drive, but bios will not detect it (unknown is displayed, and boot warning occurs).

Changed hard drives, and SATA0 / SATA1 orientation.
Used SATA 3/4

New SATA cables.

SATA Opp mode set to RAID / AHCI / Auto /


I would assume the controller at this point has given up, but I figure I would pass the question on in case some enlightened soul sees another diagnostic path.

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  1. Have you tried setting the Boot Opp mode to IDE? Also, the boot warning could mean the driive is not recognized 'properly'' Have you tried plugging the HD into another computer and formatting it from widows? Did the second HD you trid have an OS installed and was it formatted properly? I really don't know, just asking and trying to make suggestions to help.

    If I was in your situeation, I would plug the new HD into a working computer. Install WD tools and format the hard drive from there. Then try again.

  2. Thanks for the reply.
    The hard drives are known good, and are seen just fine if the drive is the only drive in the system.

    If a 2nd hard drive is installed (haven't tried 3) is not recognized by BIOS. I believe that setting the drive to another compatibility mode wouldn't make a difference since that is done in BIOS and BIOS doesn't really see the drive in the first place.
  3. So, the HD is not really 'recognized', only as an 'error'. Then you wouldn't be able to use it. The error is preventing normal function of the HD. Sheeesh. And you have the latest BIOS. Something may be 'hidden' or not included in that Dell BIOS. Just speculating.
  4. Comptia, if you are repairing the system for someone suggest they buy a cheap SATA PCI controller card and install it that way.
  5. Initially I was going to suggest it might be a failed drive, but if it works by itself and in other computers then, unfortunately, it sounds like its a problem with the mb on the 380.

    I double checked and A09 is the latest BIOS for that system. Assuming it is still covered by the warranty I would recommend contacting support about a replacement motherboard. From the sounds of it you've done all the requisite troubleshooting already so it should be a relatively quick call.

    Dell Customer Advocate
  6. I am replacing the motherboard under warranty. Ya thanks guys for making some suggestions. I just find it odd that the controller can't see more then a single SATA drive at a time.

    Dell Business line of support Advocate
  7. Yeah, it is definitely odd. I've never seen that problem before which is why I'm pretty sure its the board that is the problem (probably the SATA controller itself). Hopefully when you get the board tomorrow (assuming no shipping delays ;)) you'll be able to report "all is working now".
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