what would cause a core to drop our after 1:20

Hey guys. After running rpime95 for an hour and 20 mins my core #2 decided to drop out saying Fatal Error: Rounding was .5 expected less than .4/ What would cause this? Bad CPU? Not enough volts to the system? I cant imagine it being overtemo since it has been running for an 1:20. Would you think it reached peak temp by now? Thanks guys
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  1. The error means that prime95 has detected an incorrect calculation, which means that your system is unstable (CPU/MB/memory error). Since prime95 does not repeat the same calculation over and over, the plot of CPU load over time will actually vary somewhat. On its own, high CPU temp should not cause an error, but a MB component or memory overheating might lead to an error. In general, either reduce one or more speeds, and/or increase one or more voltages.
  2. Add vcore little by little until it dissapears, just keep an eye on your temperatures.
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