8500GT vs 8600GT help

I am in the process of a new build, and the system is pretty top of the line in all capacities so it can handle any card without a problem. I was planning on putting in a 8800GT, but it was pointed out to me that it is over kill and pointless if I am not gaming, which I am not. The same thread also told me to get a 8500GT instead. I plan to run multiple monitors (which I am not sure if I plan to do for a while), one of which (the first one) will be 22"-24" flat pannel, which is more than likely going to be a 24". I want to run at high resolution also. The system is a multipurpose home/business computer, and maybe the most I will do with it is watch videos or work with basic graphic files in Photoshop or something. Often I am running multiple applications at one time. Should I be going with the 8500GT or 8600GT?? Saving a couple of bucks isn't a concern as much as getting the right card for my needs.

Any thoughts?
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  1. If you're not gaming then either card will do fine. Both have accerlerated HD content decoding (h.264 or something) and both can run duel moniter display at just as high resolutions as the high end cards.

    A if you can find a cheap 8600GT get that, if not just a 8500GT will do.
  2. I'd advise that you get the 8600GT. It's just better to at least try to future-proof your pc with the cash you're going to spend. The 8600gt would help out quite a bit should you decide to do 3D modeling (only the display in the workspace and not the rendering time). It ain't much money anyway for a system that you're getting. Though I'd advise for you to stay away from overclocked or superclocked (a.k.a. factory-overclocked cards) as the prices tend to be a lot higher. A stock 8600gt would do nicely.
  3. get a 512MB 8600GT if your going to be running those types of monitors at those res's, a stock one like amnotanoobie said. Overclocking these wouldn't even make a difference with these weak things.
  4. Either Card will do just fine.
    Be sure to get a DDR3 version of either card.
    Some are trying to slip in DDR2.

    You are not going anything that is going to push these cards.


    is a nice card - It has DDR3 and a really big fan to help reduce noise.

    This card is SuperClocked, but for your needs you would likely just reduce the speeds for the processor and ram to minimums to make it real quiet. However, it would have far more potential if ever needed than those with "silent" coolers. I can't see you needing the power, however.

    On my dual 19" Work system, I have an older 7600GT that is underclocked to about 1/2 core speeds since I don't game with the system. I don't care about the power use, except it helps keep my system quieter with a large OC on my processor.
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