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I have an Intel D915GAV Desktop board, recently I've been experiencing serious hang issues, even when the system isn't under any load at all. When I restart the PC, an error message appears : Disk read error. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot. And in BIOS, I see that there are no SATA devices, including my ASUS combo drive, and only my gigabyte combo drive is present(which is the only IDE device) :pfff: . The problems disappear for a few hours when I plug the SATA cables in different slots, after which the problem starts again. I think there's a problem with the motherboard SATA slots, but I'm not sure yet. Any help please? :cry: .
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  1. See if you can get your hands on another SATA device that you know is good that you can hook up to your board's SATA ports and see if the problem still occurs.

    Although if you can, you may want to hook your SATA device up to another computer with SATA ports to see if it's the existing device that may be at fault.
  2. Thanks for your reply. As I've said in my first post, I have a combo drive from ASUS, it has a SATA interface. In BIOS I can see only my IDE devices, not even a single SATA device shows up. Are both my hard disk and combo drive at fault?

    I have a Samsung 160GB Hard Disk 7200 RPM and ASUS DRW-1814BL.

    And I'll try to hook them up in another motherboard to check if they're working properly.
  3. One other thing you could also try if you have some lying around are different SATA cables. And you might want to make sure that the items are even getting power. One easy way of checking that is to plug the power cables into the ASUS drive in turn to see if the drive powers up and you can get the tray to open.

    But if the drives are getting power, and they're still not being detected after trying different SATA cables then yeah, I'd try hooking those two devices up to another system with SATA ports. If that comp can see them and access them (at least in the case of the ASUS drive) then I'd say yeah, your MB SATA ports are most likely gone.

    If that's the case then your only two options as far as I can see are to either get a SATA controller card or replace your MB. Final choice is yours of course though.
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