Which one of these two is better?

I'm building a new midrange gaming PC this weekend.
I am not sure which one of these to get:
Corsair VX 550W CMPSU-550VX or Corsair HX 520W ATX 2.2 (CMPSU-520HX)
My components so far are:

Core2 Quad Q6600+Tray 4x2,40Ghz 2x4MB G0-Stepping SLACR
CPZ Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme div.Sockel
DDR2 2048MB KIT PC 800 A-DATA Extrem CL4 4-4-4-12
Fan 3x 120x120x25 Scythe S-Flex 1200
S775 ASUS 4xDDR2 P5K FSB1333 P35
MIDI Sharkoon Rebel9 Economy
Asus 8800gt (ordered)

The HX is supposed to be better, from what I've read, my concern is noise level. I'm planing to OC at 3ghz (or less)
Also should I get more fans, the case doesn't have any. It can handle 2*120mm front, 1*220 rear, 2*220 side. Noise level is also a problem here. I would love a relatively silent PC.
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  1. The HX series is made by Seasonic, the VX series is made by a company called CWT. I think CWT has been making good OEM PSUs that are rebranded (Thermaltake for example) for quite some time.

    Therefore, the HX is not only quieter, but also higher quality.

    However, you can buy the Corsair 550VX for just $63.90 at ZipZoomFly after a $20 rebate which expires on 10/31/07 so make your decision quickly.


    Corsair 550VX review from JonnyGuru.com

    There is no mention of noise level. You may need to read reviews from newegg.com to see if any users had complaints about noise.
  2. If it makes any difference the Corsair 450VX is known for being a quiet PSU. Since it is also made by CWT I would suspect the 550VX should be relatively quiet.

  3. Where I am the HX cost about 10 Euro (14 Usd) more than the VX. Does the added expence pay off? I have found some reviews of the 550 VX, they were quite positive, but I can spare 14 bucks for better quality. So should I get the HX?
  4. Sorry, I didn't notice you were in Germany.

    As a current owner of a Seasonic S12 500, I can definitely say that spending the little extra for the Corsair 520HX (which Seasonic makes) is worth it.

    I'm considering another Seasonic S12 or the Corsair when I build a new HTPC.
  5. The HX is also modular, which is quite convenient to have.
  6. Thank you all. This is one fine Forum, have never dealt with such helpful people over the intraweb:). I just ordered the HX. I really look forward to my new PC. The Asus 8800gt is also on its way. I was really lucky with that one, the shop were I got it from is out of stock till 30.11. I'll let you know how it goes, if anyone cares...:)
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