Dell and 8800GT, how many bottlenecks?

Dell and 8800GT, how many bottlenecks?

Hello, I've been an active reader here on tomshardware for a couple of years but never had the need to post a question but now i do.
I have a Dell Dimension 9100, kinda old but i'm attached to it since it's the first PC I bought with my own money, I've been reading about the 8800GT since the day of it's release and I want to buy one so here are my questions:
1. Since I can't find a better PSU (Dell has a 375W) will my PSU be enough?
2. Will my Processor be a problem? (don't want to buy another processor, might as well buy a new PC if i need to)
3. I know 17' is kinda low for a 8800GT, should i just go for a 22'?

Thanks in advance for your answers :D

(games i play: WoW, CoD2, CoD:UO... games i want to play with my new 8800GT: HL2, Bioshock, Crysis, CoD4, Assassin's Creed, Oblivion and so many more)

Hmmm doesn't seem to show my stuff down here so I'm just going to add it here:
Dell Dimension 9100 - 1.5gb Ram., Intel Pentium D @ 2.8Ghz (stock), Ati x600 256MB pci-e, S-ATA HDD 150GB,
17' Dell LCD, G5 mouse, G15 keyboard
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  1. Your Processor will bottleneck a 8800GT
  2. Dont worry, buy the 8800GT, I think even your PSU could handle that system with the 8800GT, maybe just in the limit but try it. For bottlenecking dont worry, you will be playing any game the way you want, yes.... with a Core 2 Q9850 it would be faster ... jeje but there is no doubt that the 8800GT will bring your PC to newer limits ands just you can use ir for the new pc when you buy it, theres no way to get lost. Hope im useful.
  3. rufio45 said:

    1. Since I can't find a better PSU (Dell has a 375W) will my PSU be enough?

    Any standard ATX psu will work in your D9100, so there shouldn't be a problem finding a "better" psu, but the stock psu will work just fine.
  4. aside from your psu, you shouldnt have any real issues. a p4 2.8 is still fast enough to enjoy games, especially if you limit yourself to the 17" lcd that you have, that way the native res isnt too high. if you decide to go for a 22" later on, you may find your p4 2.8 isnt quite enough, at least when it comes to newer games and a native res. a game like hl2 howerver, should be completely playable on a 22".
  5. wrong, P4 2.8 is no way good for games even of 17" LCD monitors
  6. Listen to Maziar. I did the same thing... bought and 8800GTS 640MB with the same Pentium D and the performance increase I got was barely better then the 7900 I previously had. Upped the processor to a true dual-core. (See my sig if you're curious) and it tripled my frames in most games.
  7. Even though your Process is not the best he coming from a Ati x600 256MB pci-e, going to a 8800gt would be a hugh increase regaurdless. At a furture date he may upgrade his PC and he would be able to use the old card in the new rig so its a win win. If he was moving from a 79XX or 19XX/18XX then you could say its now worth it.

    As far as monitor just get the card like you planed, I'm assuming your monitor can at least go as far as 12x10 at a good refresh rate it that is the case run a few game with as much eye candy as possible and see what frame rates your getting. If on the games your playing your see getting great frame rates you may want upgrade your monitor however I would use that money to upgrade your PC first but that just opion.
  8. wow, thx for the awesome replies guys, really helped me a lot, I just placed an add on my job's intranet to sell my PC, if it sells I'll build one from scratch with a 8800GT in it, if it doesn't sell i'll just get the 8800GT and enjoy it.

    Thanks a lot, there's some really nice people in this forums.
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