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I have a program that was to help me with my reboot problem. I can access the dos but I can't get the restore system to start. I see the F drive and all the files but I don't know enough about dos to get it to restore. I even tried to paste a copy of the drive from an earlier time but I can't get it started and my acer warranty is out. I use this laptop to make cad drawings when I'm not in my office. Help!!!
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  1. What program are you taking about? The restore disks? Have you looked at the instructions?
  2. hang-the-9 said:
    What program are you taking about? The restore disks? Have you looked at the instructions?

    Boot suite by Spotmau . I found that the c drive directory is gone. so when I tried to recover the c drive with the recovery program(restarting to factory installs) I can't acquire the partition where it's at. It comes up as unknown. Unfortunately ACER doesn't have the disks anymore.

    I still haven't received an answer about the hard drive problem. I was able to get the basic windows to operate but I still have allot of the drivers for the monitor(laptop) and some of the other things. I can get into the dos and I used D2D.exe to get it to start the repair. what I need is to be able to recover all of the files,
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    What is the issue here? You need to recover files? Or are you trying to get Windows working again, or both?

    If you have files on the drive you want to recover, you need to remove that drive from the laptop now, buy a new drive, install Windows on that. Then use a program like Recuva to scan the old drive for any files it can find.

    If you just need the drivers for Windows for your laptop, that's seasy, just go to ACER's web site, and fillow the support links to search for drivers for your model. You don't need to get to the dos window for anything.
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