Windows cannot find idlist

When i try to open an item on my desktop (windows xp), a window pops up and just sits there blank without anything opening then a small rectagular box opens saying "windows cannot find......" Any suggetions?
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  1. Hi:Do you have laptop or Desktop?

    If you have laptop it could be related to a corrupted Intel wireless
    chipset driver. Download and install the latest version of the wireless
    driver either from

    or from your Laptop manufacturer's website. This should resolve the error.

    For more hint check the following URL:

    windows cannot find '/idlist?

    Windows cannot find idlist?

  2. I got this error on startup when something happened to my webcam driver and the file bigdog.exe from vimicro. This is a Lenovo external webcam on windows xp. I had to go into startup items and disable the bigdog item. Webcam still works. Not sure why this file is included. Other web research shows it's not likely a virus, but it has the odd name and it is associated with various issues related to anti-virus software also.
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