New PSU, which would do you recommend?

I would like this PSU to be over 500W and to be a SINGLE 12V rail. Which of these two would you prefer? And if you have any other choices please tell.

Thanx for your time in advance.

Corsair 550VX

PPC Silencer 610

I'm going to be running:
Gigabyte ga-ma69gm-s2h
X2 6000+
2x 1gb XMS2 DDR2
LightOn burner
WD 500gb
WD 160gb
x1950pro 512mb
and a fan or two in the case.
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  1. You can order the PCP&C Silencer 610 directly from PCP&C: = $119 + whatever shipping is.

    The Corsair 550VX is cheaper at ZipZoomFly

    CORSAIR CMPSU-550VX 550W = $63.90 after $20 rebate. Also no shipping charges. charges another $8 - $9 for shipping.

    The Silencer 610 is the better PSU, but he Corsair VX can definitely hold it's own. So I guess I would choose the Cosair VX (from ZipZoomfly).
  2. Here's a nice review off psu's

    also take a look at the johnny guru site for sugestions
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