How to Copy with full menu on windows Vista

my computer is brand new, i want to copy my favorite movies to my computer but several times i tried but failed. i feel so upset.the data from dvd looks like protected by some i can't find a way i need your help.thanks :D
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  1. For you windows users and DVD collectors[encrypted DVD ]movies can't be feasibly.i suggest you can try dvd cloner to backup your dvd movies,This backup solution avoids the inevitable risk of getting your originals of your DVD movie discs scratched or damaged.You get disc protection with no loss of playback quality. hope this can help you a lot :lol:
  2. hi friend,don't you konw many movies dvds are protected just in case that Pirate libel,if you have some great movies you want backup for scratching or you can use any dvd cloner to backup your dvd movies.that's the general method for backup dvds. not including blu-ray dvds.ok hope this can help you.good luck.
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