Antec case NX 8800 gts oc problem

Had this pc about 2 weeks and its been back to Spire pcs twice and still same problem exists,which they have failled to diagnose.The pc came back with a no problem found report,so plugged in started up froze after a few minutes,so took case side off rebooted and pc run ok.I then rung Spire and spoke to the engineer who tested it and hed done the same tested with side off so problem never arose.Temps on cpu seemed ok as core temp reported one at 27 and other at 29 idle and 40 and 42 after running 3dmark.Pointed towards card so they sent an MSI one to replace the Sparkle one that was the original card and seemed to run slow fan even under load.Put new card in loaded thier drivers,run pc under load froze,so took off side panel run 3d mark 06 seven times with no problem,but as soon as case side back on freezes on first run.I now have an old thermaltake fan off a athlon cpu cooler with four improvised plastic legs stood on back of 8800 gts card and it works with cover on,but this should not be neccesary on a pc with this spec and amount of cooling.I cannot pinpoint the reason but think the Asus artic square could be interfering with the airflow through the case.Like to hear your opinions and anyone with a similar problem.Putting the fan in is not ideal as its not to stable,anyone used an add on cooler that works ok and takes not too much more room up than stock cooler.Sorry for rambling on but would like to run pc without improvised add ons.Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. Forgot memory is kingston 667mhz 2gb 2x 1gb sticks in dual channel mode
  2. The 8800GTS/GTX are great cards, but they will be the biggest heat generators in your computer.
    It is good that the stock cooler expels most of the heat out back through the extra slot. The stock coolers are quiet too.
    OEM replacement coolers are good at extracting heat from the GPU chips, but without rear exhausts they don't help the whole system because the recirculated hot air puts added load on the cpu and case coolers.
    The 8800 has four slits which let hot air back into the system which increases the case heat, and ultimately puts extra load on the cpu cooler.
    I have found it very effective to add a slot cooler like this:
    Mount it just below the 8800. It has a speed knob so you can adjust the cooling vs. noise equation.
    This will help both vga and cpu temperatures.

    ---good luck---
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