Accidental RAID1

To make a long story short, I had a old 160 gb hard drive, I upgraded to a better and faster 320 gb and I duped the old HD to the new HD.

I then formatted the old one to use as storage/backup. During restart I accidentally set the hard drives to a RAID1 system, after realizing this I set them back to Non RAID but the damage had been done.

I just wanna be sure that I can use a tool like to well, recover files. Is it the same as if I had reformatted it or repartioned? As long as I didn't overwrite the files I should be able to recover most?

It may seem a simple question and that I should just try it myself but I wanted to ask.

Also, what I plan to do is reinstall windows on the old, recover files from new and place on old, then install windows on new and copy files from old. And continue from where I left off.

Thanks for any helpful replies. I woke up today knowing something bad would happen, sigh.
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  1. Download a demo version of a file recovery program. It will probably show you a list of files you can recover.
  2. Before going further, read the docs on your RAID system carefully. For RAID1 specifically, many RAID software systems provide tools to undo a RAID1 array back to a non-RAID system with no data loss. After all, RAID1 is simply using 2 units to keep an exact mirror image of the same data in two places. See if that is possible with your system. If it is, then check the next step. After making and un-doing a RAID1 array as you have done, can you simply re-make the same RAID1 array and find that all the data are still there and useable?

    If BOTH these conditions are met, you could re-make the RAID1 array, then use the proper steps to unmake it, leaving all the data still on one of the HDD units.
  3. Ehh its a little late now, What I did so far, set bios back to non raid (Took me hours to figure that one out, F&CK you 0x7B) Reinstall windows on old HD. Get latest drivers and such so im all up and working.

    Now what im doing is running Recover My Files. I had previously wanted to reinstall windows anyways, but not like this.

    Thanks for the info Paperdoc, but I don't know. I'll just recover the data I need. 90% of all my files are there and uncorrupted.
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