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I'm building up another machine, it being a small form factor so it has an ATI low profile GPU, to use as another HTPC for another room in my house, and connect to my file server to access the movies. Now i installed everything, but when playing the movies through XBMC, the video doesn't play, it just stays at 00:00:00 and i have a black screen for all movies. Now i get out of XBMC and play the movies through VLC, so a 480p, 720p, and 1080p, and they play just fine, so the GPU can handle the video just fine, but XBMC can't for some reason. Has anyone had this happen to them, or know of a way to fix it? Thanks
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  1. Well I dont know much about XBMC but I can at least show you some support links to try to help


    that is a good user guide it looks like

    also there is a forum for XBMC which I am sure those users there could help


    I hope that helps
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