Help choosing a router from 4.

Right, I have finally decided to upgrade my wireless network. It is g ATM, but due to the layout and construction, I get virually no connection even in diagonal rooms. Since I game quite a lot, and network file transfers are used a lot in my house, I have opted to go for N. Now, I'm not a newbie, and I have tried every trick in the book to boost my connectivity, but it still isn't tenable. I was wondering what the community's opinion on the following wireless modem routers are, and which you would recommend (my budget covers them all):

1.) Linksys WAG325N
2.) Netgear DG834N
3.) Belkin N1

I feel I should also point out that stability is key. My current router keeps dropping it's internet connection after a few hours uptime, and isn't very good (it is a D Link DSL-G604T). I keep having to fiddle with it all the time, and it's performance as mentioned is terrible. I also have an old Mac Mini, which I use as the primary download server (its quiet, and is faulty so it's always on, and built in wireless). I would like to have compatibility with that. I also, don't know if this affects it, have a printer shared on the network connected to a PC.

Any help here would be great, some user reviews would really help with my decision.
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  1. Linksys.
  2. Everyone rates Linksys but I was less impressed by their user forums than with Netgear's. I've been happy with Netgear stuff.
  3. Does the linksys do everything I want, that's what I'm interested the most, because my old Dlink was awful, and the support was non-existant. I just don't want to buy something new and have the same old problems.

    Thanks again.

    EDIT:I have decided to drop the Belkin router, as there seems to be very little technical info on it, which seems a little suspicious to me. That and it is the most expensive to buy since I also need a usb adapter. And it has very little support. Seems a bit of a brand name and looks rather than any actual good at what it does. If I am doing the wrong thing, post saying so.
  4. DP
  5. The connectivity is all the same.. you could drop with any of them. Other signals factor in. Set it to channel 1 or 11 and you'll have a better chance at staying connected... but its wireless. Its not guarenteed to stay connected.

    If you require 100% connection or something very reliable, you should check into going into cable. I'm not a huge fan of wireless still to this day beacuse of how many people experience problems with it.

    Put it this way.. I buy $800 Cisco access points that are far superior to anything you'd buy in Best Buy or the likes.. and I still have people dropping off from time to time or not being able to connect for some reason or another.

    Its wireless.. its not a wire.
  6. I can't use wires, but thanks for the help guys. I think I will go with the Netgear one, it is cheaper and I like the look of it better. Other than that they seem pretty much identical.
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