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i have orange live box when i try to get my other computer upstairs on line it saya its connected very good strenth status searching for ip address two minutes later no conection whats wrong
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  1. Sounds like you need to apply wireless security settings to the problem computer.

    If you don't know what they are you will have to address the router's user interface via the browser on the computer which is connecting okay and have a look at the security settings there.

    The setup instructions which came from Orange should tell you how to address the router's user interface.
  2. hi mate tried everything found the problem running smc wi fy card windows will not work unless i disable the software for that card dont no how to disab;le it any tips orange wont tell me becuase its not one of there cards tried to contact smc number for support rubbish its in the us cant get any number for the uk smc
  3. Normally the manufacturer's interface software for wireless adapters includes a tickbox to allow you to use Windows own utilities, sometimes called Windows Zero Config, to control the connection instead.

    Google SMC and see if they have online support.
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