Need some advise to oc my GA-P35-DS4 / e8400.

Hello everyone.I recently got my new build up and running and Im starting to get the oc itch.Along with the m/b and cpu I have a EVGA 8800GTS(G92), Crucial Ballistix ddr2 1066 dual ch, Xfi fatal1ty pro, sata hd, LG 20x dvd burner, Silverstone ZEUS 560w PS, zalman cnps7000B-Cu LED cooler and a sony multiscan400ps.So how should I start with the bios.(Its a rev 2.1 board).should I stay at the 9 multiplier and start with 366x9 or go with 533x6 or what?(I used to have a FX-57 and just had to adjust the multiplier,so im new to this intel based setup.)My current 3dmarks are...03-41769....05-19507....06-12879. Oh, and crysis runs like a dream on high settings on xp.
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  1. You should possibly read the stickied guide on overclocking a Core2 Duo or Core2 Quad at the top of this forum.

    If someone is kind enough to hold your hand, they can feel free. However until you have read the guide and have more specific questions, most of us aren't going to just give you BIOS settings to try.
  2. I'll be nice because all I did was steal someone elses voltages when I first got my e8400.

    I set Vcore to 1.4 and FSB to 445, multi at 9.0

    Stable 4ghz overclock in Orthos for over 12 hours and then I stopped it. Any lower voltage and it was unstable due to Vdroop. Your motherboard may be a little different, but start there.
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