2X 8800 GT vs. 1X 8800 Ultra

Two 8800 GTs or One 8800 Ultra

I was wondering which set up would be more conducive for a system designed to take advantage of a resolution running at 1080p on a 24in LCD monitor in conjunction with Crysis level graphics on max. Would I need two 8800 Ultras to achieve these results?
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  1. For that resolution, 2 8800GT will beat a single 8800ULTRA
  2. while in most cases a single card that is better will beat out two lesser cards because not all games support sli. however we all know that crysis highly optimised for sli mode and quad core and that resolution is high enough that sli starts to shine. so i think in this case if your talking about that singular game, yes two 8800gt's would be better than one ultra at 1080p. (can't beleive i just said that, but i am a horrible liar soooo...) and for the record if i didn't have lame x8 lanes in sli mode i run a 42" 1080p sharp aquos and would love another 8800gtx but i can't justify bottle necking the card any more then i have with my fx-60
  3. Above 1920x1200 the extra memory from the Ultra might help.

    SLI cards only use 1 card's memory so it would be a little limited there.

    But for the slight gain I can't see paying $600+ for an ultra card when you can get 2x8800gt's for $500 (when prices calm down)

    The ULTRA is about 10-20% better in a 1 for 1 setting, so if SLI gives 50-80% performance boost the 8800gt's should own it.
  4. I always recomend Single card when u play lower than 1920x1200 but i recommend SLI for resolutions over than 1920x1200.
    I forgot to say , 2 8800GT will be better than single 8800ULTRA, but in some games which need more memory , single 8800ULTRA does better, also single 8800ULTRA runs cooler and quieter and has less power consumption than 2 8800GT

    read my SLI/CROSSFIRE FAQs:
  5. i disagree on the sli res. if your running on a 1080p HDTV, it comes handy...1600x1200 yeah some benefits there but its a boder line. i mean comapre the total number of pixals.

    totals pixals pixals less then 1920x1200
    1920x1200= 2304000 0
    1920x1080= 2073600 230400
    1600x1200= 1920000 384000
  6. Strange that in COH the SLI comb' is worse than the single GT.. !?
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