Confused A8V Deluxe or AV8 Deluxe

Help!! The Asus website does not even mention the AV8 Deluxe, most forum discussions seem to switch between calling it an A8V or an AV8. Is there a difference between them? If so, what?
I have the AV8 Deluxe and want to upgrade to an AMD 64 X2 from my 64 3500+ and am really confused if I can or not??!
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  1. Ignor my last the AV8 doesn't exist. I have the A8V.
    My Bad
  2. Yes you can go X2. I have the A8V Deluxe with a X2 3800 in my render farm.
  3. A8V-VM SE

    Socket 939 for AMD Athlon 64 / Sempron / Opteron CPU
    AMD 64 architecture enables simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing
    AMD Cool'n'Quiet Technology


    This motherboard supports AMD 939-pin Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core processor with 1MBx2 or 512KBx2 L2 cache which is based on 64-bit architecture. It features better multithreaded / multitasking performance than Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64.

    Look between the PCI slots for the motherboard model and version or on top of the LPT1 socket.
  4. A8V Deluxe Rev 1.xx
  5. you have a socket 939 -- get yourself an AMD opteron dual core 165/175/185 terrific performance and then overclock it! and get urself a good psu--antec/corsair.
  6. I think i'm going to go for the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Socket 939, Toledo Core, 2x 2.2GHz, 1MB Cache. Looks like a pretty good deal. Not sure though because i actually won't be improving my speed in terms of GHz as my current processor is 2.2GHz. How much performance increase should I see? Do you think its worth the cash??
  7. You will gain a performance increase. It might be up to 95%. It might be as low as 1%. But you will see an increase. Dual Core stomps Single Core now. I laugh at those who are still trying to prove that their 8GHz Pentium 4's on Liquid Helium run better than a Core 2 Quad or such. It's nonsense. Go Dual Core.
  8. The performance increase is going to show itself in multitasking.
    There was a suggestion by sunny27 to overclock. The problem is that A8V deluxe version 1.xx did not have a working agp/pci lock so the frequency of those rise with the bus speed. Asus fixed that problem with version 2.xx which is a good overclocker.
  9. Well I've bought it now. Should arrive Friday.
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