4 gb 667 ddr2 kingston worth it?

Hi, I actually have 2 gb of ram kingston 667 ddr2 "valueram" In a m2n32 sli deluxe motherboard, and im running iwndows vista bussines 64 bit, well, my question is if it worth it to upgrade to 4gb? or should i replace mi 2gb ram with for example 2 mb ram of corsair ram and its all xtreme edition etc....??
I wan to all my games like call of duty 4 , oblivion to run smooth and without a problem, what woul you recomend me for gaming?
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  1. can never have enough of anything lol..... 4gb spot on .... buy 6400(800mhz) or 8500(1066Mhz) just for a touch of future use...
  2. yes.
  3. Definitely Yes.
  4. 4 gigs here!
  5. mmm ok, but it would better to have 4 gb os 667 m than 2 gb of 800 mhz?? with that motherboard that I have .. which would be the besto for me? I mean also for gaming...
  6. If you can get 2gb of 667 matching ram, that would be good. There will be very little(1-2%?) difference on real application performance because of 667 vs 800 speed unless you are overclocking. 4gb can't hurt, and some games try to use all the ram they can get.
  7. If you have a large amount of ram, Windows will cache things in memory. I play DIRT & if I quit & restart it at once, it loads intro from memory in seconds, as opposed to 1-2 mins. Same for most everything including Photoshop.

    This is a good no-rebate deal:

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