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I've been trying to find a way to force IE to be default web browser in a domain environment. This consists of windows xp and windows 7 x64 clients and windows server 2003 standard domain controllers currently. I have searched google, and found some "answers" but none of them seem to work when I try to impliment them. Has anyone tried this with any success? Thanks, Matt
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  1. Bit confused what you are trying to do, set I.E. as default on all the computers?

    Read this it shows you what registry keys need to be set on the computers.

    If you don't want anything changed, you may want to block access to the setup sites for other browsers.
  2. Setting IE as the default on all computers is the goal. After reading your link, it looks like I'd need to have seperate scripts for the different OS's and make sure the correct ones are run on each machine. The reason for this is a new Oracle implimentation, running a Java based web client under specific Java versions, seems to work better on IE. Users have been getting Chrome installed on their machines by accident with Adobe Flash updates and it sets itself as the default browser and will not allow the required version of Java to run by default.

    I thought Microsoft would have made an easy way to force users to use IE as a default browser, but if that's not the case, my backup plan is to create new shortcuts for users that target IE then supply the required web address so they will always open in IE instead of worrying about making IE the default web browser. I need to do this on approximately 500 clients.
  3. If you have one app that you want to run in IE,the best way I think would be to send out a shortcut to that app and put in the path the IE executable.

    Once another browser is installed, it's not always easy to get IE back to working properly. Chrome used to be especially bad, in early versions you'd basically have to re-install Windows to get IE to work properly after removing Chrome. It broke everything.
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