Partition HDD be4 VISTA install??!

Hi, im building my new pc. question is how can i partition my hdd when i don't have vista install? or does the vista install cd have a option when prompt to partition/format before vista installs?? help
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  1. You can Use the drive tools that came with the drive, or downloaded from their site.

    I haven't used Vista since RC1, but I'm almost positive you can manually set the partition size to install on.

    I saw this on the linked MS help page.
    Note If you are installing Windows Vista on a new hard disk, the Setup program automatically creates an active partition.
    So you might need to use the HD manufacturers tools.

    You cannot select or format a hard disk partition when you try to install Windows Vista
  2. hey i found this web,

    it says it install vista w/ max space and it has an option to PARTITION/FORMAT:D

    so then once vista done install,i can just create new partition when i have vista install??
    btw i saw some of partition it says mb not gb??help like how many mb = gb?
  3. 1024 MB=1GB
  4. It's easy to use the MFG tools. Try to use Vista and if it won't let you partition on install, then abort and use the MFG tools. I read you can repartition later with Vista but why bother. You don't have a CD burner?
  5. y need a cd burner?if vista is done install,i can go computer management to add more partutions, my hdd dont come w/ cds
  6. Unless the CD came with the drive, then yes. I haven't tried to change the partition size with Vista. It appears from what I've read that you can. If not, then you will have to get partitioning software.
  7. or i can hook up my new hdd to my old vista pc and format there too right?he i am looking to make 2 partition c: and maybe recovwery backup is that good?
  8. Sure, you can put the drive in as a slave and partition through windows.
  9. thx zorg ,i have built my pc yesterday and os install everything fine.
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