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hi guys
i have bought a HIS 2600pro 512mb and am using ati's catalyst 7.10. my question is that when i play the game, i see corrupted graphics. not all, like one object in every scene. the boat which is at the start on the beach, the one in blue, that is corrupted when i run in high settings. even in medium. is that my vga cards problem or the drivers problem. i have played other games and have no problem, like nfs underground 2 and oblivion. one more thing is that from the day i bought this card, i cant seem to run 3dmark06. the window where it says that it is scanning my system, the program never goes pass it. what do i do? please help me. hope to hear from u guys soon. thanks.
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  1. i would say find some good drivers. ever since amd acquired ati, they have gone to a "open-source driver model" meaning they dont want to spend the time in updating the drivers for every game that comes out. each game engine is different, and each game using the same engine is different.

    i would just try out different drivers to see which you like the best.

    btw we cant relate to the scene...if you dont say what game your actually playing.
  2. sorry for a vague explanation. when i play crysis, then this corruption occurs. when i play nfs underground 2, things are perfect.
    and y cant i run 3dmark06. i ran it on my other vga card that is 8500gt, y not on my 2600pro?
  3. anyone care to help me?
  4. do this:

    install the latest possible drivers for your video card (i'm using nvidia so can't speak to specifics in your case). You may have to download beta drivers that apply to crisis. research to find out.

    Next, install the latest dx updates from microsoft. Google direct x updates and install. This sometimes fixes problems (notoriously with BioShock at one point).

    Finally, reinstall the game and make sure there is not much running in the background (ie browser, virus scanning, or wmp). This applies to playing the game too, just to be safe.
  5. i have done all this, i first installed the dx9.0c (nov 2007 issue), then installed the catalyst 7.10, and then installed the game, crysis. same thing. things werent bad when i played on my 8500gt, but when i play it on 2600pro, things get corrupted. and i dont know y i cant run 3dmark06 nor 3dmark03. any ideas?
  6. anyone have some ideas what is wrong? please try to solve this problem for me.
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