Netflix Crash caused by headphones

I'm posting here because I really have no idea where else to ask, seeing as the netflix hep center is not very useful. So, recently I have been having issues with netflix caused by plugging headphones into my computer. Whenever I don't use headphones, netflix works fine and streams perfectly. However, once I plug in my headphones and try to watch anything, netflix gives me an error and says my internet connection is the problem. My headphones work perfectly on any other streaming website except for netflix. I've tried other headphones too, to no avail. I'm stumped, and I'm wondering if it's an audio driver issue or something. Can anyone help?
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  1. What you described really should not be possible. If the headphones were causing network issues, they would do it for everything.

    Does this happen when you have the headphones plugged in and you start Netflix or when you have Netflix already running and then you plug them in, or in both cases?

    Also try the front and rear headphone jacks, do they both do the same thing?
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