MSI Realtek Drivers vs Official Realtek Drivers

I have a very simple question:
Should I use MSI's Realtek Drivers or the Realtek Drivers from the official Website?

I'm unsure which one would be better to use. The one's from MSI's website were updated more recently, if that even makes a difference. I've seen before that official drivers are better than the ones provided by the Motherboard Manufacturer. This isn't a "big" issue; I'm not having any problems with the ones provided by MSI.

Needed Specs:
Motherboard: MSI Z77A-GD55 [Page]
Audio Codec: ALC892
Driver Version (from MSI):
Audio Controller: HD Audio
DirectX: DX11

Here's the link for the Driver page on the Realtek Website. (Should be correct)

If you got any questions or need more info, let me know! Thanks!

Downloaded the latest drivers from the Official RealTek Website; they're newer and up-to-date (v6.0.1.6662).
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    Basically they're the same thing, it's just if the motherboard maker releases the drivers it means that someone internally tested them and signed off.
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