Need more ddr 333 pc 2700 ram for a labtop can someone help?

The labtop was bought in 2004. It says it has 512 MBs of ram (minus integrated graphics) but i can only find 1 stick of 256 MB ram (in the labtop itself), and cpu-z says there is 3 slots with 2 sticks of 256 mb. I need more ram because i cant even play wow and simple games, a popup says it runs out of memory and crashes the program i have page file set to 200 MBs because any higher and the game will have to low fps to play anyway. Any way if anyone can explain the hidden ram slot plz help.
Any way what im really asking for is does anyone know a good deal for 512 mbs or 1 gig ram thats 2700? how do u know if the Motherboard will support 1 gig? the MB is from gateway and i cant get the specs from their website.

Thanks for any help and any good deals you find. I did search newegg but thats the only site i know and 1 gig of ram is to expensive and i dont know if its compatible.

Ps anyone know how to keep the CPU from throttling down? i cant find anything under the bios to turn it off and i know very little about AMD if not ill post it in another thread.
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  1. Also is there anything i should know about changing the ram in a labtop? i do it all the time for my desktop and i dont think it will be any different but you never know.
  2. Kingston's website has a memory selector tool based on manufacturer, model, etc. It's handy, and will only list qualified memory for your system.

    As to how you add the memory, I think you'd have to call your laptop manufacturer if their manual didn't have a section on it. Perhaps googling might yield results.
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