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Hello everyone!

I am new to these forums...I don't know why it's taken me so long to actually register but here I am!

I'm going to open with an opinion question to everyone. Here is my scenario in a nutshell: I currently have an ATI Radeon X1650 Pro 512MB PCI-E. I am fairly happy with it's performance.....when it's not dead. It is now dead. Option #1 is to send it to ATI and have it replaced (with the same one I am assuming). Option #2 is to exchange it (not through ATI) for a Radeon HD 2600 Pro 512MB PCI-E.

My question: is the HD 2600 Pro better than the X1650 Pro? I looked at the retail box for it and it doesn't look very geared for gaming...

All feedback is welcome! Thanks!

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  1. The HD2600 pro is a better performer than the X1650 pro. How much better depends on a few things. Both these cards come with higher clocked GDDR3 memory and slower GDDR2 memory. A GDDR2 HD2600 pro would still beat a GDDR3 X1650 pro, but a GDDR3 HD2600 pro would crush a GDDR2 HD1650 pro.

    These charts include a GDDR3 HD2600 pro, GDDR2 HD2600 pro, and a GDDR3 X1650 pro. They do not have a slower GDDR2 X1650 pro (which would be more like the X1300XT they test).

    So look and see what games matter to you and at the resolution/settings you hope to play, and you can compare for yourself.

    As one example, Prey at 1280x1024 no fsaa:

    HD2600 pro GDDR3 = 56 fps
    HD2600 pro GDDR2 = 44 fps
    X1650 pro GDDR3 = 34 fps
    X1300XT GDDR2 = 26 fps


    Anyway, that's the long answer. the short answer is yes if they are exchanging it for the same price, go with the HD2600 pro for sure.
  2. That's a very informative reply thank you.
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