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Since my current rig will be woefully inadequate for games like Crysis, its time to build a new PC. I have decided to build one around the Intel Q6600. I would like to run SLI so here is what I have decided on so far.

HSF-Tuniq Tower
Mobo-EVGA 680i
Video Cards-2xBFG 8800 GTX in SLI
HDs-2xWD Raptor 150gb in Raid
Power Supply-PC P+C 750 Quad Silencer
Case-Antec 900

What I am having trouble with now is what OS to use, and based on that what type of memory and how much memory I should get. I plan on a moderate overclock. If anyone can offer opinions I would very much appreciate it.
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  1. I would say Vista 64bit. There are a whole bunch of people on this forum that hate vista with a passion, though.

    My reasons:
    -Why *pay* for an old operating sytem(xp)?
    -The FPS gap between xp and vista has been nearly closed.
    -With new drivers, vista can only get better.
    -With vista 64(as compared to 32), you could use all 4GB of memory if you decide to do so.

    Then again, supposedly, xp is faster. They have been refining xp for numerous years, though. Vista is still a baby compared to xp.

    I hear any memory with a 4-4-4-12 or 4-4-4-15 is good for OCers.

  2. I think Vista 64 is a no brainer with that system.

    You need Vista for DirectX 10, and if you are buying that type of GPU power, you will want all the eye candy you can get otherwise it's pointless to have that much power.

    Also, the 64-bit version w/4Gb of memory seems about right.
    I would do 2gb x 2gb for future expansion.
  3. If you want to keep up with games, then you have to go with a Vista system. XP may be faster, more stable, etc. but with new service packs and updates for Vista, it is the way to go for a long term solution.

    A lot of people choose to dual-boot, which is definitely an option if you've already got XP. You'd be able to play DX 9 games at faster speeds in XP with the option of using Vista for its DX 10 capabilities.
  4. Personally, I think you should go dual boot. While Vista is a baby, so is DX10. There are quiet a few performance issues concerning DX10 mode and using AA. It just seems to murder FPS. So, if you do what KeKaiGenKai said and dual boot, you can play in DX9 if a game gives you trouble. (You're already chipping out enough to buy 2x GTX's, I'll assume money is no object here)

    Go with 4GB of DDR2 800 if you go with Vista 64 bit. Just watch out for drivers*. There is really no reason to go over 4GB unless you're going with a 64bit OS, since the 32bit won't recognize over 3.5'ishGB.

    As for OC'ing. You can probably safely turn that Q6600 up to 3.0Ghz with the Tuniq and air cooling.

    *Some people say that "64 bit drivers are fine, because Microsoft only certifies drivers that work on both 64 and 32 bit platforms", but while installing most Nvidia drivers you'll notice that you are prompted with the following message: "This driver is not Microsoft Certified." and something about installing anyway or exiting the install. So take that however you want to.
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