Recent DX10 PCI-E 1.0cards do only 20FPS on Crysis while costing a lot

Can somebody explain to me why there is still no DX10 card that can run Crysis (not to mention Far Cry 2 yet) at a desent framerate instead of hanging around 20 FPS at 1600X1200? This year I've bought a new pc with a Q6600 and a Sapphire Readon X1950XT (178 Euro only) that played Crysis better than some DX10 cards that cost a hundred Euro or more. And the difference between DX9 and 10 was hardly visable. I've seen some comparison movies between DX9 and 10 so I know what to look for.
But again...the framerates are just a big joke.
Crysis has a huge sea....are we trowing money into it?
I wonder what will happen next year. Many people allready say that PCI-E 2.0 slots won't make a difference in the first years to come....will NVIDIA and ATI still force people to upgrade to PCI-E 2.0 mobo's (motherboards) making us believe that it's just that that will makes us be able to play Crysis at a desent speed or will these nextgen cards also be compatible with PCI-E 1.0 slots like the Biostar 8800 GT PCI-E 2.0 card will proof on it's release date this month.....I like some opinion about these strange developments....will my quad system be outdated allready next year when it comes to gaming losing the chance to buy a powerfull PCI-E 1.0 DX10 card?

ps: excuse me for my bad english ;)
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  1. The Crytek engine that Crysis runs on is scaled for 2 years ahead of today's current hardware. So popping the game to Maximum Settings is going to result in low frames; or not the frames you'd expect.

    It's like F.E.A.R back when it was released; or Oblivion. The games were scaled ahead, but not that much in my opinion. Current hardware ran them, but not at the frames we can today. Same applies to Crysis. The game is KNOWN for the graphics. Crytek/EA does not just want to release a game that current hardware can run at Maximum settings. This is also bad for their partners; such as NVIDIA.

    NVIDIA wants to sell products, Crytek wants to sell their game. So, they scale the game a year or two ahead of today's technology, and it almost guarantees sells.

    Or you could just say nothing is powerful enough. But my theory makes sense from a business and technology perspective. So eh, I think it's right, but who knows. Hope this helps. :)
  2. Make sure you are running 169.04 beta drivers. They do dramatically improve the DX10 performance in Crysis. Also, turn shaders to "medium" which will fubar any anti-aliasing, but you can then set Objects to Very High and get a very nice result at a smooth, playable framerate.

    For your rig, I recommend you getting the G92 8800 GTS with 128 shaders and 1 Gig of VRam in early December. You need that VRam for your high resolution.
  3. Thx for the help guys. I'll sure take a look at that card mitchell....I hope the benchmarks will show some miracles. :)
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