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Please help me my pc config is -
intel i5 2500ghz processor
intel DH67CL board
8GB Gskill Ram
Zotac GTX 560ti OC Addition Graphics card.
Corsair TX 850 Power supply.

I want to run ps3 Emulator on my pc.
Please tell me that my computer is able to run ps3 emulator or not.
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  1. No, not even close. Just for starters, you have a quad core CPU, the PS3 has a 7 core CPU, so that right there would be a problem. Each of those cores runs at 3.2GHz, whereas yours run at 2.5GHz. These are some pretty fatal flaws, and we haven't even gotten to the significant overhead that comes from CPU instruction emulation, the need for a bluray drive or at least enough disk space to be able to handle 20-50GB/game.

    Last I checked, PlayStation 1 emulators were still far from perfected, and computers were just starting to get powerful enough to make PS2 emulation a possibility. So we're probably a good 3-5 years from even basic PS3 emulation.
  2. No PS3 emulator exists, and won't for some time. Too unique an architecture to emulate properly.

    PS2 and Gamecube/Wii emulation is hard enough, and still not perfect. We won't see any attempts to create a PS3 emulator for at least a decade, probably longer.
  3. ps3 emulator but only runs small homebrews

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