965P-DS4 Silent-Pipe cooling

First of my rig:
Case: Thermaltake Tower
Mobo: Gigabyte 965P-DS4
CPU: E6600
CPU Cooler: Scythe Ninja Rev 2
Ram: OCZ 2x1Gb PC-6400
GFX: Geforce 8800 GTS
No Overclocking done yet

Basically my issue is that Silent-Pipe heat sinks on the DS4 aren't getting any air flow and so running quite HOT! (i think:??:)
When I convert a DVD for iTunes using Handbrake Speed Fan registers Temp 1 & 2, which I am presuming are the temps for the North & South bridge (anyone know how I can find out for sure) are running between 52-58c.

The Ninja is cooling the CPU fine, but no air is getting to the board to cool the North/South Bridge heat sinks, so does anyone know of a decent CPU cooler that can get some air flowing around the CPU for the Silent-Pipe heatsinks? Or is there a WC alternative, although I know nothing about WC?

Once I have this sortted I will start overclocking it. I have high hopes of getting the E6600 to about 3.2Ghz.
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  1. Well, WCooling, done right, will cost you several hundred dollars initially, especially if you want to include wcooling your GPU as well as your CPU - then, you are talking numbers approaching $300 or more depending on your desire.
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