Can't connect to internet after reformating

i recently reformatted my computer due to severe virus problems, after reinstalling windows, i cannot connect to the internet and the only network adapter listed is a 1394 net adapter. in network connections it shows the 1394 net adapter as connected but nothing is being sent or received. i have an A8N32-SLI Deluxe asus motherboard, i built the computer my self, but cannot remember how i got the internet working the first time. in other devices under device manager the only thing listed is Ethernet controller with a yellow exclamation point.
i connect to the net through a link-sys router, they only thing that has changed in the setup is reformatting the comp, so all the hardware is still the same.
any ideas on what im missing would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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  1. Install the drivers for your motherboard. There should be a CD that came with it.

  2. only cd that came with it is an asus vga 2d/32 accelerator software cd. and on their web page they dont have any drivers availible
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