Which component is the bottleneck in my system?

I was thinking about upgrading one of my computer parts so I could maximise my frame rates whilst playing games. I'm looking at spending somewhere between 200-300 dollars.

My configuration:
BFG 7950 GT/oc (factory overclocked)
Core 2 duo e6400 running at 2.13 with a much bigger fan than the stock cooler (I forgot the model name, but I can find out if some peeps think overclocking is the way to go)
2 GB Corsair 800Mhz
Asus P5B

What way should I go? Is my GPU the bottleneck? Or would a new quad core processor help out?

Thanks in advance for any advice people have to offer :D.
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  1. The new 8800GT would be a nice upgrade

    You will definitly see de difference with the newest games

    Your CPU is still good enough and you can always OC it
  2. I agree the new 8800GT is supposedly great........

    You dont need a quad core.......games dont utilize them yet......stick with the one you got......u can always overclock to 3.0 ish
  3. Save your money. There's nothing wrong with your current system.

    -Wolf sends
  4. OC your CPU
  5. at most i'd say go for a 8800GT. then after that go for a quad core if you get more money. after that go to 4gb ram if you get more money.
  6. The 8800GT will give you a big boost in your frame rates but shipping might push it out of your price range. It is almost $300 where you can get it (many places seem to be sold out i.e. newEgg).
  7. Your E6400 is worth perhaps $90 on e-bay. The 7950GT is worth about $130, and might go down. Added to your budget, you have something to play with.

    For most games, the vga card is the critical factor, not the cpu. If you sell the 7950, and add $150 for a 8800GT, you would be able to get a 8800GT.
    I think I would wait a bit, until things have calmed down, and there is a reduced premiun on the 8800GT cards.

    On the CPU side, you might want to try your hand at some moderate overclocking. You have a better than stock cooler, good memory, and a CPU that would not cost much to replace if you were worried about the warranty. For most games, a Quad is not as good as a higher clock speed.

    These changes should be a good boost until about a year from now when nehalem launches.
  8. Today I was to buy the 8800GTX but the scales have been tipped upside down with the 8800GT 512MB card. These two graphics cards have almost the same performance, in most cases only a few %. I am now getting the 8800GT instead of the double priced 8800 GTX. Now I can get my SilverStone TJ09 & 8800GT for the price of one GTX.
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