Asus M2N - Help Front Panel Connection Audio

The motherboard is ASUS M2N

I have to connect the front panel audio and i have no idea on what to do.

These are the wire i have to connect:

These are the instructions:

Here the detail i think it should help me:

I don't know the difference between MIC IN and MIC BIAS and SpkrOUT and RETURN, someone can help me with my problem?

Thank you for your attention and sorry for my newbie english.

Hope you can help me.
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  1. First I'd connect the speaker out wires and the ground and see if it works, these should be for speakers or headphones but you'll have to check your audio software for the settings, sometimes you have to disable the rear speakers to use the front. These would connect to Line Out Left and Right respectively. It doesn't look like your board will handle Line Return, which I'm guessing is you Line In but not sure. As for the mic, I'd try different combinations, there are only 2, but again, check the audio software to make sure it's set to use the mic. I had an old Antec case that to wire the front USB ports I had to connect individual wires, I believe 9 wires, which was a supreme pain and a lot of it was trial and error. So ended up not using the case USBs and eventually bought a new case. Most new cases just have one plug for the USB and audio rather than individual wires. If you're not going to use a mic, I wouldn't even bother connecting them but the speakers out look pretty straightforward
  2. Thank you for your reply g-paw. After connecting the spkout etc.. wire like you said me everything work well, then i find the solution for the microphone myself.

    Here the img, works for me:
  3. Great, glad it worked out. On the upside, those wires can drive you to drink, will have a beer for you
  4. Is your motherboard M2N-XE cause I have this motherboard and the same problem? P. S. Is it making any difference AC'97 vs HD Audio or the pins remain on same place for both, and I choose between them in BIOS?!
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