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An off ball question but i'm looking for software that a company can host on an eternal server that allows remote control via a link and password. i have found plenty of companies that offer it but they host it. I work in a secure enviroment and the comapny i work for will need to host. does anyone know of such a thing?
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  1. There are various incarnations of VNC, some with SSH tunneling for security, which will allow remote management of a system.
  2. Take a look at NetSupport Manager. It offers a built in feature called a Gateway which YOU host and have complete control of. Very secure and robust remote control solution.
  3. My company use a banch of freeware TightVNC (I think it's better than UltraVNS and else) to view and control remote desktop and NetRCM (advanced control of a remote computer, console, block USB flash drives etc.).
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