An extended error has occured when try to

Im having a challenge when Im trying to maaped a workstation to a server on active directory server 2008. THE NETWORK MAPPED COULD NOT BE CREATED BECAUSE THE FOLLOWING ERROR HAD OCCURED. AN EXTENDED ERROR HAS OCCURED.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Maybe this can help you:

    "An extended error has occurred" or "Access Denied"

    Symptoms: When mapping a network drive using net use or using the net view command to view a different computer in the domain, you may receive: "An extended error has occurred" or "Access Denied" error messages.

    Resolutions: 1) This issue may occur if the workstation doesn't synchronize the time with the server. After verifying that basic network connectivity exists, you can force time synchronization on the client computer manually. To do this, run net time /domain /set command.
    2) Make sure you have granted enough licenses for clients accessing.
  2. In an Active Directory environment "Time and region" are critical. Make sure all Servers and PC's time & region settings are accurate, this will resolve this issue.
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