PLEASE help i need to buy a new monitor today!

So i read the LCD xbitlab review yesterday and im really interested in between the Samsung 2036BW or the 206BW. 2036BW is cheaper (229 euro here), its an improvement or "update" of the 206BW, so it doesnt make sense to buy the 206BW atm over the 2036BW?

Btw why doesnt the review talk about the HP w2207h, is it just not worth being mentioned?

Ive got thousands of doubts atm. Urgently need advices from pros.

Objective is to buy today late afternoon an high end monitor, with great contrast/color, fast and that doesnt change much of its display when you move your head around the LCD. 3000:1 is a must. Is there any with 178:178?

Beware ive got no limit price. I want the best 20´. Ofc i think it will be kinda mad of me to give anything more than 300/350 euros for a 20´ monitor. But if quality is there... ill considerer it.

Im building a top notch computer piece by piece (which will only end in Jan when the new Intel cpus arrive) so it wouldnt make any sense to not bet on a top monitor aswell.

Please advice shortly.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. To be honest if you want the best image quality I would recommend a high end aperture grille CRT monitor, you can get decent units that will multisync proplery right up to 2048x1536 and down to 640x480 with none of the "native resolution" issues of a LCD panel. With nice low dot pitchs and far smaller pixels available than a LCD panel the CRTs really can give a far superior image. Antialiasing can become next to irellevant when you run a game at 2048x1536 on a 20" CRT as the jagged edge pixels are smaller than the physical pixels available on a similiar LCD Screen.

    CRTs might not look as stylish on the desktop they might not have the cool factor but if what you really want is top functionality and quality a High end CRT is still considered the best by many.

    Genuine High resolution from a CRT is a joy to behold completely different experience to large LCD panels where you just get a bigger picture as opposed to an actual sharper image.

    I use LCD panels exclusively for office apps etc but when it comes to games and design stuff good CRT's are amazing, they just look ugly and take up huge amounts of deskspace, personally thats a price im happy to pay to view games at 2048x1536 on a 19" screen :D by the way you cant compare high end aperture grille CRT quality to what people used to get out of 15" shadow mask CRT screens, a good CRT is FAR better.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. What CRT would you choose in particular?
  3. sorry wrong post :P

    and why am i not allowed to delete this post, everytime i try it says "you are not allowed to delete this post"......but its MY POST! I shall do with it what ever i want!
  4. Unfortunately CRT's are getting hard to get hold of. Any 19"+ CRT with Aperture grill should give good quality personally I would look for something offering 2048x1536 resolution 160hz maximum refresh rate and preferably a 0.22 dot pitch, although theres not much wrong with a 0.24.

    You might be hard pushed to find CRT's still in new stock personally I would go to ebay and look there, CRT's arent really manufactured any more, The mass market migrated to LCDs and the pool of high end users who actually care about image quality was too small to continue production with just high end units, especially with CRT's being so reliable meaning replacement purchases are few and far between :D.
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