So I built a new computer that won't work for me...

I built my first computer back in July and have had some problems with it for a while. Nothing more than getting a blue screen now and then (say, once or twice a day) which I just blamed on Vista Ultimate 64bit due to lack of driver support. How ever this week something very odd has happened.

I got a big old BOOT DISK ERROR, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER message and after tweeking with my computer I came to the conclusion that my hard drive went belly up on me and I couldn't get the dang thing to work at all. So I tried the freezer trick to recover some data I didn't want to loose. Strangly, my drive seemed to work for a while. To play it safe I decided to reformat and do a clean install to see if it would do the trick. This seemed to work untill the installation process got to the point where it had to restart to go further, after the restart all I could get was a blinking curser on a blank screen.

At this point I started thinking it might be my DVD/RW drive rather than my hard drive. Since on all reformat/reinstalls I've tried I can only get that far, yet another strange thing has occoured. When ever I try to start from my hard drive rather than my DVD drive, I get a list to choose which operating system I want to start on, each one listed is Windows Vista, and each one is a copy from when I tried to reformat/reinstall Vista. I can't select any one of them or else I get a blue screen.

Being that its my first computer I'm trying to do this mostly on my own without any paid help, and so far I'm stumped on what actually might be the problem. Basically, any one have some insight on what might be wrong?
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  1. what is the drive model no., interface, etc.?

    if its ide make sure you have it set as master/slave appropriately..
  2. Its a SATA drive, as for what brand and model its a Hitachi Deskstar HDT722525DLA380 I got from newegg.
  3. Maybe start looking at the mobo, could be maybe your IDE channels or SATA channels are shorting out or going altogether, I have heard of that before as well.
  4. Also, make sure your BIOS is properly set to use SATA as your primary, as opposed to IDE.
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