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Hello, I have windows vista and I have no problem with my printer. I just installed this program print shop deluxe version 6 that someone gave me into my computer and I cant print with it. I can print from word, excel and all my other software. I restarted my computer and that still didnt work.
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  1. That is a very old program so not sure if it works under Win7 or even VISTA but if the program is running have you tried selecting the correct printer in the print options ? It might default to printing to a file instead of your printer (Haven't used the program so just a shot in the dark but cant hurt to try !)
  2. Thank you for that however I have tried that, I have also tried to put the driver on the computer to make the program compatable with windows vista. I also tried to re install my printer. its going to my printer but it stays in the buffer and wont come out.
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