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I need to track down drivers for my Packard Bell Imedia 3082 XP Pro service pack 3 desktop. I have been to the packard bell support/drivers site and found 5 out of 7 missing drivers. I had tried the suggested site previously but when i clicked on download products i kept getting a "server not found message". Tried it yesterday again and it worked so thanks to the people who suggested that.

Problem now is I am still missing my ethernet controller driver and my multimedia controller driver. I dont know the exact device details in order to download the two missing drivers. The packard bell support site does not have them and they also do not list the devices' specific details. I have tried searching for a day and a half and am stuck again. Can anyone offer any help to tracking down the ethernet and multimedia controller. I have downloaded and installed the multimedia driver from the Pack Bell Imedia 3082 site but still it is yellow with exclamation mark. And i still cant connect to my Belkin router.

So in brief: I need the device details to my ethernet controller and multimedia controller so that i can track down the drivers.

I have tried using device manager but item is listed as ethernet controller, tried rolling bak, cant update as i have no internet connection on that desktop. I have downloaded scanner software but when i found the driver it would not extract from it's zipped state due to being spanned. Plus the scanner never told me the device details, it just gave me the http address for the driver. I've even asked jeeves! Help please

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  1. Thanks... I did not know i could do that. Ok so i am at the point where i can select my driver from the list. According to my device driver list i have a 3com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible) under my Network Adapters. I used Driver Genius Professional software (downloaded) to assess my drivers. It showed me that i needed to install this 3com 3C920 driver. Before that there was only my 1394 Net Adapter under the network adapter device list. Ethernet controller was listed under other devices with a yellow exclamation. Using the driver genius software i installed the 3com driver. It is as stated above... now showing under the network adapter list and still has an exclamation mark. Properties general tab states 'The device cannot start. (code 10)', 'Use this device (enable)' is selected. And the driver is installed. What am i doing wrong?

    Also.. I still have a Multimedia Audio Controller device exclamation mark listed under other devices. I dont know what driver to install here either???
  2. I've found the drivers but am struggling to open as "The disk in drive F (my usb stick): does not contain a complete zip file. If it is part of a spanned Zip file set, please insert the last disk of the set into the drive and click on OK; otherwise click cancel."

    All i have is this zip file. I have winzip installed. Step-by-step... how would i use winzip to open or extract this zip file. Everything i try results with the above message. Thanks
  3. Sorry... one more thing... If i click on OK, i get the message "The Winzip wizard cannot open this file; it does not appear to be a valid archive. If you downloaded this file, try downloading again. If you want to add the file to an archive, first create or open the archive, then drop the file again."

    I have tried downloading again... same messages appear. What can i do?
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