What is best single player game?

im sure there are plenty of opinions on this... i have played no one lives forever, all the half-life stuff.. all the quake2 stuff and a few others. what would you say i should try next. i dont have the means to play multiplayer so a single player reccomendation (new or old) any type of game at all, is what im looking for....
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  1. Depend on genre. Here is my favorite titles :lol: concerning single player mode

    RPG: Planescape Torment (I love this game but verytime consuming and doesn't work on Win2k), BG2 (still playing it), Final Fantasy 7(the best RPG for me even it's pretty old), Icewind Dale (similar to Diablo2 butmore D&D rule)

    3D Action: Rune (I like its theme and graphic =)

    Stretegy: Starcraft (may be more in MPlayer but single player is not bad too), B&W (excellent graphic)

    Advanture: The Longest Journey (this game is really depend on your taste. You may find it boring if you don't like advanture type game but it's graphic and story is pretty good).

    Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
  2. Most likely, you'll get better responses if you narrow it down to a single genre. Action, First Person Shooter, Role Playing Game, Adventure, Strategy (real-time or turn-based), Board Games, Cards, Simulation, Sexual. There's probably a whole slew of others, but those are off the top. And what's important in the game to you? Graphics, Sound, Music, Atmosphere, Story, Gameplay.

    I keep a rather varied collection, myself. Some of the 'simpler' games of lore are fun just because of time constraint.....
  3. deus ex is the best single player experience ive had with a game. baldur's gate 2 is also a very very good game, if not a little long as far as games go.

    eh, i'll procrastinate later...
  4. http://forumz.tomshardware.com/games/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=1221#1221

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  5. I've found "No One Lives Forever" to be very enjoyable, but I've also found that "Spanking The Monkey" is very popular with most too. LOL

    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  6. I saw "Spanking the Monkey" at a local software store, but my girlfriend wouldn't let me get it.

    Apple? Macintosh? What are these strange words you speak?
  7. THE LONGEST JOURNEY IS NOT BORING!!! People I need to know what other games like The longest Journey are there? I have played Broken Sword 2 (old but fun game), I have played Grim Fandango, I hate quest games like MYST and RIVEn, I like adventure where u can collect objects and takl to people!(and where u can't die!) Any suggestions?
    Can't wait for BG2 expansion pack!
  8. All final fantasies are extremely addictive :)
    I also enjoy strategy and sim games, so B&W and Earth 2150 fall into that category... Total Annihilation Still RULES!:)

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  9. Manarch, I don't mean that TLJ is boring to me =) I like it but I found couples of my friends don't like it. Like I said, it's really depend on your taste. If you like something like hack & slash better than runninng around & solving puzzles (like couple of my friends do), then Diablo2 is much better or probably Icewind Dale. I, personally, like RPG, Stretegy, and Adventure type of games so TLJ is pretty addictive to me =)

    Just remember another game, pretty old tough, Master of Orion =) and Dragon Quest series. Too bad the the latter is in Japanese version and I have to do a lot of guess work (I cannot read Japanese, of course, but know meaning of some words so just guess and guess =) Anyway, DQ is really fun and it have really good graphic and combat system (RPG) at the time (it's on the SuperFamicom, BTW, if you never heard of it).

    Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
  10. OH! I remeber Dragon Quest 5, but can't find in stores. I played it! I couldn't solve many problems though, I think I stopped where a black dude shots the talking lion (i played the game long time ago), then I left the game somewhere. is there Dragon Quest 6? I can't read Japanese (my friend can!, he is from Japan) By the way, did you beat TLJ??? I know that if you takl to tall the people about everyhting, then in the tower (last scene) there will be a secret door to Arcadia (I didn't have it though) {^_^}
  11. There is DQ6. I played it long time ago. Basically the same combat system with better interface and graphic + higher level spell. I think it also have, what is it call, ahhh, a kind of vehicle used in the western US (like in the cowboy movie) with horses. With the vehicle you can have, I think, 8 max PCs but can only use 3 to fight at a time.

    I didn't finish TLJ yet. I stopped play it for sometimes now since I started BG2 + really busy until recently =) I remember I stopped where I went to Arcadia and back to Stark. The first couples of days in TLJ take me long timeee before I realize that I need to compose those three guys (the clamp, rubber duck and the cord, I think) to get the key at the subway =) I wish to finish it soon tough if I have time =)

    Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
  12. I am into the violent games myself. hehe. Like Kingpin,SOF,Blood and Blood 2, Hitman. etc. Still waiting for Duke Nukem Forever and Max Payne.
  13. Solitaire.

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  14. Does anyone know when Max payne comes out? and where can I get Dragon Quest 6?
  15. Hitman is an awesome game. It feels a bit unfinished, but that might just be me. I don't know why it got such horrible reviews.

    Apple? Macintosh? What are these strange words you speak?
  16. Any day now Max Payne will come out.
    Starting today they started taking pre-orders at www.3drealms.com. Bear in mind I know you can get pre-orders from other stores such as EB-World, but 3D realms is the creator of Max Payne, you will get it before anyone else. Plus they have a special right now for the first 500,000 orders. Free overnight shipping and a Max Payne Mouse Pad.


    I bought a pentium once!
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  17. Oh yea and its only $39.99

    I bought a pentium once!
    Everybody makes mistakes..
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