Help me pick a good DVD player out!

I want a really good DVD player, but not a DVD-ROM I auctually want one that I can take around and hook up on other T.V.'s and stuff. I will be getting a Cheap DVD-R/RW too. But I'm not to concernd with that yet. I want the prices to drop a little more before I make that purchase. Allthough I am ready to buy a nice DVD player. Anyone have any sugestions for me? Thanks
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  1. Go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>, and click on the DVD compatibility list on the left side.

    You don't *always* get more, when you pay more. Although, you can buy a $350 dvd player that has a built in 5.1 decoder. But you're better off getting a reciever with the decoder, and using the optical input on that.

    I'd say $120-$145 will get you an outstanding player, and $150+ will get you a mediocre player.
  2. hmmm..I don't really know what is a good player dad just bought one online from for $69.00(after rebate) I'll update to let you guys know how it turns out. But according to the specs it's supposed to play most stuff..DVD, DVD-R, VCD, SVCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, and MP3's...I'll post again when we get It and I can test it out...
  3. I found this site to be very helpful:
    If you check the links on the bottom of the page, you will find alot of info about dvd players, how they work and what to watch out for. It's kind of dated now, but alot of the info still applies. I bought the Kenwood DV5700 changer to use as a source for cd as well as dvd. Too much money, but I am happy with the performance.
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