Is it possible to upgrade too win7 RC from within win7 beta?

I currently have win7 Beta disc but no computer to download the win7 RC yet so I wonder if I could just install the win7 Beta on my soon to be built PC and then upgrade to the RC version that way? or do I still have to download the RC and burn to another DVD-R then reinstall win7 yet again?

I'm just wondering about this because all of my PC parts is arriving tomorrow and I will be building my first built PC ever. I was impressed with win7 and really want to try some of my games in win7 on this new PC (I had win7 beta on my old laptop and the laptop just wasn't strong enough to run many of my games at higher settings).

Thanks :D

P.S. that old laptop is sold off to help pay for the PC parts so I cannot use that laptop to download the RC.
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  1. It's pssible but not recommended, there is a workaround on the Microsoft site.
    With a new computer instalation should take around 20-25 minutes.
    So if you install the version you have and download the new W7RC and install again, that's how much time you will loose.
    By the time you fiddle with the workaround and the upgrading is likely to take longer than a new install, is it going to be worth it?
    Do yourself a favour and start afresh, knowing you have no old baggage to contend with, what's another 20-25min.
  2. I had version 7077 installed and the RC took it directly to 7100 but this is the only known beta version that will upgrade without the hack. Upgrade went beautifully btw.
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