How to dual boot win xp with win 7 home premium

:bounce: I'm looking for the steps involved in creating a dual boot system with Windows Xp & Windows 7.
I have Windows Xp Pro 32bits installed on a 100GB partition and want to add Windows 7 Home Premium 64bits as a secondary OS on the same partition.

The System I have is as follows
Phenom II X4 955
4GB Ram
XFX Radeon HD 5750
1 - 500GB HD SATA
1 - 160GB HD PATA
1 - DVD Burner SATA
1 - DVD Burner PATA
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  1. The problem with this solution is that it requires that one have a beta release of Windows 7 1) to be able to use Diskpart and 2) to able to access the System Recovery Option. On the OEM version of Window 7 Home Premium that have the file Diskpart can not be found in any directory of the disk
  2. You can't dual boot XP & W7 on the same partition. You need to create a new partition for W7.
    You need to use a partitioning program like Partition Magic or Gparted (free) to create a new partition on the drive containing XP.
    I see you have 2 drives, so you could install W7 on the second drive.
  3. Thanks For The Help Folks, what I decided to do was install Win 7 on a fresh hard drive with a large partition then using the partition shrink app in the administrative tools --> computer management --> disk management I created a new partition for Win Xp.

    I installed Xp on the new partition (Both partitions are primary partitions with Win 7 set to active). After Win Xp is installed and I'm logged in a then ran EasyBCD (Free Application) to configure the boot loader that I can dual boot from both OS'es.

    But of course this approach requires a fresh install, but it doesn't require using a partition manager, and once all the drivers/updates for Win 7 become available for my hardware and software I can then go into Win 7 reformat the Xp partition and use the partition shrink app to extend the partition to cover the Xp partition or use that partition for something else.

    Note: You can use the following link to see a full step by step method on how this is done at; step two is what I replicated since step one requires a beta release of Win 7.

    Again thanks for the assistance.
  4. i had windows xp and vista on my computer and i formatted the vista partition and installed w7 ,no problems at all.i didn't need any programs to configure the booting...
  5. The reason most likely is because you already had two partitions. One for Vista and One for Xp and when you then loaded Win 7 into the Vista partition, Win 7 searched for other OS'es and add Xp to the Boot Loader.

    Back when I use to have Win98, Win NT & Win 2k I setup one machine to boot all 3 Os'es on one machine starting with Win98 since it would overwrite the boot sector.

    Then I would install Win NT & Win2k for a Triple Boot System. Of course Win98 since it was only Fat32 could not read the NT partitions unless I installed specialized software for this purpose.
  6. Another option I would like to suggest is to use Sun's VirtualBox with Windows 7 and then run Windows 2000 or Windows Xp in a Virtual Machine. The Sun VirtualBox is a Free Download!
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