How to find a stolen computer and prevent it from being taken

hey guys, no one has stolen my computer yet, but in the town where i live its more a question of when it may happen than a question of if it will happen. unfortunately i am not in a financial situation where i can move right now or i would get the hell out of dodge

i have a pretty descent system with an i5-2500k and gtx 670 that is my pride and joy [also the best rig in every lan party i have ever been to], i try to be very incognito about it and only let people i trust see it, but i have a big screen lcd that is much less incognito and can be seen through the window and a few monitors. to most people around here that is a sign that begs "steal me" and all my other stuff while your at it. i am about ready to punch holes through my walls and chain and lock everything down thats worth anything but that doesnt always work, simple bolt cutters can do the trick for that.

what i want to know is if there are tracking devices small enough to be stashed in a laptop and desktop so the po-po can get my sh*t back when its taken or software that can be used to track them.
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    There are a lot of them, like the "PC phonehome", and other like "GPS Theft Recovery Device". But you need to pay for it, if for laptop with web cam, yo can try this open source anti theft software (free).

    PC phonehome $29.5
  2. i put prey on both computers
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