Searching a mobo for a specific application


for a specific PC I am looking for a motherboard. The CPU's that would be used are either:

1. AMD BE 23xx or AMD SEMPRON LE-1xxx (AM2 socket)


2. Intel pentium E21xx (LGA775 socket) or Celeron 400 series

Dit zijn de eisen :

* µ-ATX formfactor
* Cheap! (low cost / budget)
* Stable on stock speed or lower
* Not a hot chipset
* AM2 socket (AMD) / LGA775 socket (INTEL)
* DDR2 support
* Onboard VGA (TV-out is nice extra)
* Ethernet
* sound on board
* SATA interfaces
* floppy interface
* minimum 4X USB
* serial port, preferably mobo header
* Vista compatible
* 2 years available

Now I've done some research and following chipsets seem to be fit:

Intel chipsets
945GC (older)
G965 (juni 2006)
Q965 (juni 2006)
G31 (2007)
G33 (Q2 2007)
G35 (Augustus 2007)

RS690C (Februari 2007)
RS690 (Februari 2007)

NVIDIA nForce 600
GeForce 7050/nForce 630a (AMD AM2 socket)
nForce 630i

VIA Chipsets

Your expert advice please!
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  1. This would be a good AM2 board, just used it for a build for one of my grandkinds

    G33 boards are significantly more expensive

    Given you seem to be looking for a lower cost machine, you'd be better off with AMD given the price difference. Given the cost, an AME X2 CPU would make sense. How will you be using the machine?
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