Trouble Installing iTunes 64 bit on Windows 7

Everytime I down load Itunes its the same thing....screen gets grainy looling and just freezes everything up...incl
shutdown (power off ran all night trying to shut down). I once had my 2 purchased products Any DVD and 1Click
DVD burner, but deleted both as HP says that is the root of my no more decrypting and burning movies
AND still no itunes

There are download sites all over he net...many wanting to sell this or that and others wanting other junk
downloaded with it....I just want a working itunes that fits my computer....any idea? If so, HELP!!!!!
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  1. Are you download iTunes from or some other site?
    Maybe info from these sites will help: (ignore the person who says to download iTunes from FileHippo)

    Late addition: "...finally at the eleventh hour (literally!) got it to work: it was automatically downloading into my downloads folder and wouldn't install/run from there. So I downloaded the .exe file directly to my desktop and low and behold, it installed fine!" from
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