Best CPU Cooler for overclocking?

What would be the best cooler for a E4500?

Ive been looking at the Thermalright 120 and Tuniq Tower 120. I was going to try and pick one up off eBay for less then 50$.

edit: Ok, best under 50$ canadian. Air cooling that is...
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  1. The TRUE (Thermalright) is the best.

    Why would you get a cooler off ebay where they run a risk of being damaged??
  2. Silverion77 said:
    The TRUE (Thermalright) is the best.

    Why would you get a cooler off ebay where they run a risk of being damaged??

    Well my friend got a Tuniq off ebay and it works fine.

    But you're probably right, it might be better to pay a bit more and get one with a warranty and whatnot.

    So you say the thermalright eh...
  3. The Zerotherm Nirvana can sometimes beat the TRUE or match it in most cases for much less money. Newegg was selling them for less than $40.

    I would say that's your best option, only problem is that it can get noisy.
  4. ^^ he asks for the BEST Evil.

    And thats still the TRUE :kaola:
  5. Unless he's going to lap it, the Zerotherm is the best.
  6. I edited my post, i dont really want to spend a crapload for the very best.
  7. I wouldnt go that far...from what Ive been reading, the TRUEs are getting a little better and do not require lapping as much usually

    All I know is that Im getting a TRUE :D
  8. Same here. :D

    I was just offering a cheaper alternative, just in case. After all, the Zerotherm will perform as well as the TRUE on speeds up to 3.6GHz or so.
  9. Ultima90 :D

    I recommend that too much, but its just soooooo good.

    Mines now in a box :( water ftw
  10. stop brakin your head with that question ... i have a thermaltake sonic tower ( really old one ) and my temp never go over 52c with two 120mm fan ( one in front and the other in the center ! ) and when i was using it with 1 fan , it never goes over 57 at 3.4ghz ... just pick one in the top of the chart and you'll b fine !

    Top 10 intel CPU coolers ^^

    #1 cooler on the list ^^
    Got mine from newegg a few weeks ago for 25 USD, shame they don't have it discounted anymore.
  12. I'd imagine he already got his cooler, but I agree it's the best. Before I didn't. :)
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