monitor cant detect signal of new build

I just build a new system with Celeron inside, but for some reason when i start up the system, my monitor cannot detect a signal, even though the fans are running, and the heat sink fan is running. the video card in built in the mother board. Also, my cd drive wont open and close? can anyone think of any problems i might have caused?

thank you for your help
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  1. specs please.
  2. i have an elitegroup 915g-m motherboard, a celeron d processor, ddr 400 ram, and a 160 gig western digital hard drive alone with a lite on cd rom. Also, a red light on the motherboard turns on when i turn the system on, does this mean its not detecting something?
  3. is ur PSU working fine? are all the connections are proper? u dont want some loose connection or faulty ones.
  4. what type of connections could be loose? I fallowed the directions for the processor... hmm does anyone know what the red light on the motherboard means?
  5. better read the mobo manual regarding the red light.

    What night_wolf try to say is you have to check all connector are correctly connected into it's socket/port and/or check that they are in good state.

    try to resetting your BIOS, for do this, better read your manual.
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