whic CPU for server?

I need a server for shared accounts, 500 domains. I need serving domain with mysql , making backups and processing large log files.I 'll use cpanel. Which CPU do you recommend of the two and why?

I'd have 2gb ram, 400gb sata drives with 2 x SATA hardware RAID 0/1.
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2,4ghz
Intel Core 2 Duo e6600 2,4ghz
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  1. What OS are you using and how heavily will the server be used?
  2. cent os. I do not know how heavily, we will hosting about 500 domains which are not a lot of havy sites, some forums, some smaller video sites. The problem is more backup and logs processing which is cpu intensive.
  3. Definately the Quad Core since you will have lots of process running on the server.

    And you do not need a server.
    You need 2 servers.

    If you will be providing professional services, you will need to cluster your services so that when one server is down the Domains and other resources are still available.

    I expect my Websites to be up 24x7x365.
    No software maintenance. No Hardware Maintenance/Failure.
  4. pyr said:
    I need a server for shared accounts, 500 domains.

    Hi. To be honest, for average accounts, 500 domains is not very many. If you have some high usage accounts you may have to bear that in mind. I would gather some statistics on existing hardware if these are already on some machine.

    Additionally, to be honest, your CPU won't likely be your bottleneck. Your hard drives would be.

    However, 500 domains is not enough to overload the server unless you have some really high load sites. Just check your bandwidth.

    Just schedule your log processing, and such to happen off peak hours. Use your logfiles and stats to decide what's offpeak.

    Also, you could execute the backup and log processing in low/idle CPU priority and look into LVM snapshots for the sake of at least OS level file consistency.

  5. I'd go with a Xeon 53xx series...they are optimized for running server I/O functions. That is a key difference vs. the C2D or C2Q. It probably won't make much difference in your situation.

    But, I would HIGHLY recommend a different hard drive setup. Consider a 2x OS HDDs in RAID 1 & 3 or more data HDDS in RAID 5.
  6. I would look at the motherboard first. Check tyan and supermicro for support and warranties. I use an identical spare board for my home pc. I changed it the other day to check my lan port. I would highly recommend getting an exact spare now if you want to use your setup for 5 years or more. Many boards aren't even available after 2-3 years. And don't forget amd opteron barcelona quad cores. The boards are widely available, and the cpus are at select venders like newegg. The 1.7 only uses 55 watts and goes for $214.
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