new build feedback please!

looking to build my own rig. I am relative new to self build, want a stable high performance rig that can be OC'ed later and if need be upgraded in future

CPU QX 6850
Assus Striker extreme (£150)
2 GB OCZ reaper pc 28500 1066 (115£)
NVidia 8800 GTX SLI (2x?) (360 £ each)
Xi-F soundblaster (£60)
WD Raptors 160 GB (2x) (130 each)
Case: Lian Li PC-V1200 Plus II (£ 170)
Coolermaster 850W (£130)

Appreciate you views on the components in general but also some specific questions:

- Do I need a double GPU now or is 1 sufficient to start and can I add another later
- Is the Power supply sufficient also to cover later upgrades
- 2 gb enough or should I go for 4 GB
- Do I need addtional cooling or are the standard fans in the case enough to start with
- Any thoughts on suppliers in UK
- Any important component I missed?
- Should I wait and go for a 45 nm CPU/Any other upcoming tech improvements I should wait for?
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  1. General Advice
    PC&C 750W is a better choice. Might wanna get watercooled edition of 8800 GTX? just a thought they are kinda hot sli is hotter. The case is wayyyyyyyyyyy to expensive. TT armor series ? Q6600 is enough for anything just OC a bit you can hit 3.0 Ghz easily same as qx6850 (trust me it'll save ya $700 american dollars). X-treme gamer soundcard is another recommendation. don't forget to RAID 0 those Raptors. Dual boot XP and Vista so you get DX10.

    -If you wanna play Crysis smoothly 1920x1200 at highest quality you actully do want the 8800gtx sli.
    -Power Supply recommendation is in General. But if you really want to future go with a 1000W from Thermaltake or Enermax.
    -If you are running Vista 64bit get 4GB. Any 32 bit OS only uses up to 3GB.
    -As I said get Watercooled edition of 8800GTX from BFG. and Freezer 7 Pro for CPU or a liquid kit for it if you want to.
    -Not familiar with UK suppliers. Don't live there.
    -Nothing you missed.
    -Nah, just get this Rig it'll kick ass
  2. Thanks! do you think I need any extra cooling other than what comes with a standard case?

    Want to keep it as "simple" as possible and adding additional cooling seems a bit of a specialist job..
  3. just put on any fan that comes with the case you'll be fine
  4. it is actually almost the same as installing the stock cooler...

    i would suggest the zalman 9700 as it cools very well and looks good while doing it but it is more expensive than the freezer 7
  5. Thanks guys,

    2 gb ram sufficient
    upgrade power
    water cooled 8800
    (just love the LL case so will stick with)

    - 1 or 2 GPU to start with?
    -what about the asus P5E3 WS PRO as a mobo

    Is that a good alternative?
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